Zhangjiagang Juheng Knitting Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in the east suburb of Luyuan town. We are the subcompany of Juqiao group, which ranks 58 on 100 Chinese town-run enterprises. We have 3 sets of German computer
jacquard MK7 30inches (18 needles) round machines and 2 sets of 30 inches round machines (20 needles). Two sets of OV64S Ⅱ of 30 inches-20 needles machines, two sets of loop transferring rib knitting machines, and three sets of South Korea Jinlong one-sided frames including the 34 inches of 28 needles, 24 needles and 20 needles and and two sets of 30 inches of 28 needles, 24 needles and 20 needles and also including two sets of twoside frames of 30 inches, 24 needles. We also purchase 4 sets of UBS knitting machines from Singapore. Our equipment also includes needle cylinder, exchange & urethane elastic fiber apparatus. Our products include colored dotted-line-free big jacquard thin fabric, concavo convex air layer jacquard fabric, colored big jacquard urethane elastic fiber fabric, sweat cloth, eyelet fabric, walf checks, circular ribbing, and color cotton/wool cloth. Our products have been exported to Japan, USA, and Australia. Customers are highly satisfaction with our product.

  Customer and quality are number one priority. Upholding quality product, low price and excellent service, we welcome your business.

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